Acuto Scissors

Scissors & ThinnersISC-24

  • Acuto Australia has nothing to do with Acuto USA. We use different factories and processors.
  • Heat tempered Stainless Steel, forged to the highest of standards.
  • Value for money with finished blades that surpass even the most expensive on the market.ISC-25
  • A style, A length, A grade to suit any and all Hairdressers…from the top most discerning stylist to the beginner apprentice.
  • YES! Our Scissors are forged...NOT cast.
  • YES! Our Scissors are 2 piece.
  • YES! Our Scissors are sharpened on the world’s patented leader in sharpening systems - Rapid Edge! The finest, most accurate sharpening system in the world.

The Acuto RangeISC-48

Top of the range! Available in three different grades of Steel. Uncompromised in the finish, Exquisite to handle, Balanced to perfection!

Cobalts - Cobalt Steel, forged in Japan - From $595.00 each up to 6.5”

“C” Series - 440C Japanese Stainless - From $390.00 each up to 7.5” (many available in Black, Blue & Gold finish)

“C” Series Serrated - 440C Japanese Stainless - From $390.00 each up to 6.0”

“J” Series - J2 Stainless Steel -From $200.00 each up to 8.0”

The JMR RangeISC-04

High quality finish, 440C Japanese Stainless. Well Balanced, Ideal for everyday salon use

“JMR” Series - 440C Japanese Stainless - From $310.00 each up to 5.5"

Economy RangeISC-05

Quality finish 420J Stainless Steel - Ideal for beginners or the not so careful

“Economy” Series - 420J Stainless Steel - From $120.00 each up to 6.5”

“Twin Set” - generic 5.5” scissor & 5.5” thinner together in a case for only $180.00 a set

Always check with us on 02 9457-9321 for the latest sales or special offers or if you have a local sales representative in your area.

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Acuto Warranty:

JMR Australia is The Proud Owner Of Acuto Australia Hairdressing Scissors Brand.


Acuto Australia,  is proud to be a world leader in manufacturing and design of quality hairdressing scissors and shears for over 15 years. Acuto uses high quality parts and all our scissors are guaranteed to be extremely sharp & free of faulty workmanship for life.

Our scissors are designed to last and are designed for sharpening. For best result, we recommend Rapidedge  Scissor Sharpening. To read more, click here.

All Acuto scissors are hand made using the highest quality Japanese Stainless Steel.


Warranty does not include re-sharpening and damage caused by dropping scissors or misuse.

Return Policy: All faulty scissors under Warranty have to be returned to JMR Australia for inspection and if found to be a manufacturing fault, they will be replaced at no charge to our customers.